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Emerga Camerimage | Nomination "Cinematographers Debut" 2011
Best Actress | Torino International Filmfestival 2011
Ghandi Glasses Award |Torino International Filmfestival 2011
Best Picture | Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award 2011
Honorable mentioning | FIPRESCI Filmfestival Schwerin 2011
Young Talent Award | Filmfestival Schwerin 2011
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury | Achtung Berlin Filnfestival 2011


90min / Anamorphotic S-16mm / 35mm
Director: Andreas Kannengießer
Production: Anna Wendt Filmproduction
Cinematographer: Stephan Fallucchi
Cast: Renate Krößner / Dieter Mann / Hermann Beyer


After 40 years of marriage: bathing every day, feeding, clothing, changing
diapers, bathing again, feeding, putting Klaus to bed. Hannelore just
wants to leave it all behind. When her neighbor Guenther takes off on a
trip, she secretly follows him. What she does not know: Guenther is
determined to take his life.