Stephan Fallucchi / Cinematographer


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Betti Berlin - Agent for Filmmakers
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Mobile: +49 171 346 4811

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Stephan Fallucchi
Mobile: +49 177 864 7219
mail (at) fallucchi (dot) com


Born in Switzerland. Stephan studied cinematography at the "Konrad Wolf Film School" in Potsdam Babelsberg (Germany). "PLANET CARLOS" was his first full-length feature shoot in Nicaragua, whitch was selected for Tokyo International Filmfestival (Competition) in 2008 and received the Second Audience Award at the Bergamo Filmmeeting in 2009. "WAY HOME (VERGISS DEIN ENDE)" is his graduate Feature and was nominated for "Best Cinematographers Debut" at the Plus Camerimage Art of Cinematography Festival 2011. Salomeas Nose was nominated at the 25th German Cinematography Award 2015. Stephan is based in Berlin and works in features, commercials and documentaries.


Rudi Schwab, Rob Sanders, T.J. O ́Grady Peyton, Nico Beyer, JUS, Marcus Tomlinson, Eric van Wyke, Zachary Heinzerling, Luke Bellis, Susie Sie, Sebastien Kühne, Sebastian Alfie, Manuel Hendry Flury


Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, McDonalds, Samsung, Swiss Railway SBB, Hobby Lobby, Smart Mini, Braun, Helsana, Migros, Meinl, Bosch, AMG, Swiss Post, ING Diba, UBS, AOK, Swisscom,


Tool of North America, RadicalMedia,, Bubbles, Partizan, Stories, Rekorder, Markenfilm, Cobblestone, SEED, The Marmelade, Wirz Fraevel Paal, Rocketfilm

Awards / Nominations:

Volkswagen Arteon "The blind photographer
Winner: ADC - 3x Bronze Award / Grabarz+Partner 2018

Swiss Post / Schweizer Post 

Winner: Silver Screen - US International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles 2017

Winner: Gold - World Media Festival 2017 

Winner: Bronze World Medal - New York Festivals 2017

Salomeas Nose

Nomination - 25th German Cinematography Award
11th Kin Women's International Film Festival
Grand Prix - Best Film NW Short Film Festival
Best Director - Best Writing 48th Worldfest Houston Platinum
Remi Award 43rd Festival of Nations
Lenzing Award


Best Picture - Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis, Saarbrücken 2014

Way Home (Vergiss dein Ende)
plus Camerimage Nomination "Cinematographers & Director Debut"
2011 Best Actress Torino International Filmfestival 2011
Ghandi Glasses Award Torino International Filmfestival 2011
Best Picture - Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award 2011
Honorable mentioning FIPRESCI Filmfestival Schwerin 2011
Young Talent Award - Filmfestival Schwerin 2011
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Achtung Berlin Filnfestival 2011

Planet Carlos

Winner Second Audience Award 27. Bergamo Filmmeeting 2009
Competition at the Tokyo International Filmfestival 2

El Iglu

Nomination for best Cinematography (SCIFE 2007)
Award for Best Director, Best Cutter, Best Main Actress (SCIFE07)